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Tips On Working Out From Home

Tips On Working Out From Home

One of my favorite activities while at home is to enjoy some tv time... but nothing makes you feel better than getting up and moving around. We have come up with some fun moves featuring equipment you all have at home.
1. Chair Tricep Dips
Grab any sturdy chair or use the edge of your couch. Start with arms straight and with your hips forward, palms on either sides of the hips. Dip down far enough that your elbow is at a 90 degree angle. 
Tip: Keep knees directly over ankles
Tip: Extend your legs for a more difficult move
2. Chair Pushups
Change up your normal pushups with chair pushups. Start with your arms straight. While keeping your back straight and your core tight, lower down and come back up.
Tip: Quality over Quantity!
3. Chair Lunges
Rest the top of your back foot on the edge of the chair. Keep your chest up while you bend your front leg and lower down. 
Tip: Keep the knee over the ankle
4. Elevated Bridge
Start with your butt on the floor and your heels on the edge of the chair. Lift your hips up while keeping a straight back. 
Tip: Make this more difficult by keeping your butt an inch off the ground each time you lower down.
5. Wine Curls & Press
You may have plenty of this equipment already in your cupboard ; ) Use the wine bottle to add some extra weight to your workout. 
Tip: Hold one bottle of wine between your hands and press during your other workouts to add some difficulty.
6. Amped Up Squats
Take your squat to the next level by adding some more weight. Raid your closet for some heavy jackets. 
With your feet shoulder-width apart (or slightly wider) and your chest up, lower down as if you are sitting in a chair. Try to get low enough that your thighs are parallel to the floor keeping your knees over your ankles.
7. Amped Up Jump Squats
Take your jump squats to the next level while appreciating those fun shoes we cannot wear for a while ; )
Start to the side of your mat and jump sideways over the shoes. Once on the other side, lower into your squat and on the way up, jump up and over the shoes back to the other side. Repeat.
Some of our favorite at home work out apps:
Sweat App with Kayla Itsines
    We hope you enjoyed your workout and are staying safe at home!
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